Wouldn’t it be great if there was a sports bar and e-gaming establishment that had all the best sports games and digital e-games to play as well as a completely plant-based menu? Now there is. Welcome to SportsBox Vegan Bar & Grill!


You no longer have to choose a sports bar with little to no vegan options and potential cross contamination. Now you can have all the sports and e-sports action with a fully plant-based cruelty-free menu here at SportsBox! A Vegan lifestyle can be beneficial for great range of reasons! Here are just a few of them:

Better Health


  • We want to deliver a place to bring you the best entertainment & amazing cruelty free food!
  • Our menu consists of a variety of meals from around the globe! Comfort food and healthy light options!
  • Sports, eSports, Video Lottery, you name it! Come alone, or bring your friends! There is always something to do here at Sportsbox!


  • Veganism is a way of living that avoids by all controllable factors the exploitation of animals.
  • Your health can benefit greatly from a vegan diet! Studies show that a whole foods plant-based diet may lower your chance of heart disease, diabetes & even cancer!
  • Vegan diets also help the environment! Conserve water and keep the earth clean.
  • Most importantly, a vegan diet helps our animals! Eating vegan is the best way to show your compassion to our loving voiceless friends!